Plea to Parents

I realize that I have not said much regarding canals and childcare facilities.  This is in NO WAY an attempt to bash the childcare provider.  It's really not.  It is a desperate plea from one mother to many others.  It is so important to know the licensing laws and regs for childcare in your state, it is SO important to do your OWN walk through of any place that you leave your children...I did my own walk through, but it wasn't enough.  I was uninformed and inexperienced, my kids had never been left with anyone that wasn't friend or family.  Look for things like faulty fences, gaps, gate latches, baby proof door handles.  Ask about how many kids a day are watched, talk to other parents whose kids go where you are looking into.  Do NOT take your kids anywhere where there is water nearby...running, standing, pool, pond, it doesn't matter.  It takes a child ONE TEASPOON and 3 SECONDS to drown.  Write up a liability waiver, if something happens to your child while in their care make sure that it's not your responsibility to worry about the aftermath...the week after the accident, instead of being able to mourn and grieve for my little girl the way I needed to I worried about financing the funeral, and can I just say it is EMBARRASSING to have to borrow money to take care of your child.  Always always always remember that what you don't know CAN hurt you, in the worst possible way.  Be informed.  Know the laws. If you can avoid it, don't take them to anyone you don't know personally and trust with your life.  Drownings like this are 100% preventable.  They really are.  I would not wish this pain on my very worst enemy.  Canals are dangerous, whether they are at a childcare or not.  If you live near water, bury your fences...a fence alone is great, but if you bury it 8 inches underground all the way around, it could save you the heartache of burying something much more important much deeper.  They make motion activated door alarms for less than ten dollars...put them in your home, put them on your gates.  Please don't let my little girl be gone for nothing.  If you are reading this you have a chance to make a difference.  Share Khyri's story.  You could literally save a life.
Holding my baby's hand the day I went and got her dressed
I love you Khyri Lynn