My baby...she was such a mama's girl

Memorial Tattoo

Her final photo October 17th 2014

Always blowing kisses, even if you asked her to say "thank you" in sign language, it was always a blown kiss

Wearing Khaily's jacket.  She was always running around in other people's clothes.

Thanksgiving 2013

Those eyes...

Footprints on my heart forever

Sleepy sleepy girl


Beautiful baby blues

She slept in the wierdest positions when she was tiny

She always loved Daddy snuggles

The wreath I made 

At Aunt Cathy's house

Lincoln County Fair 2014

Amazing fundraiser held by the SV Jaycees

I was pretty sure Christmas would kill me

And I was was the worst thing ever

The timeline of a sketch done by Lezhai Gulbransen

New Years collage

I couldnt leave it empty. 2014

Christmas Day 2014..the first snow was on Christmas Eve...

New Years Day

Valentines goodies I haven't taken out yet

Uncle Mikey's pal

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