The world is moving forward
While I am frozen still
I don't want to join the masses
In a way I never will
I go about the motions
I try to do my best
But the life that I'm now leading
Is so unlike the rest
I watch your sister sleeping
Thankful she's still here
But still my heart is broken
From not having you hear
I go to work...well most days
I do the daily deeds
But still my heart is broken
From missing what it needs
As mothers we all worry
That our kids will leave here first
We go through all the nightmares
And we think that that's the worst
We don't think it will happen
Not to us, and not to ours
I never thought I'd see the day
I'd search for you in the stars
I know the world moves forward
But that's something I can't do
The world doesn't know the pain I feel
As the Mommy without you

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