Pinwheels and Balloons

Balloons in the wind
Pinwheels spin
I watch it all
I take it it
I run my hands across the dirt
I feel the tears
Embrace the hurt
I see your photo
A plastic stand
Remembering the day
I held your hand
The tears fell down
The clock had stopped
Just half way past one o'clock
I hear myself begging
Calling your name
Knowing our home
Would not be the same
I remember your hands
So soft, but so cold
I remember the ache
The longing to hold
The raw black despair
The draining of hope
The desire to quit
Unable to cope
The rage like a twister
Our lives falling down
I remember that week
Driving through town
Awake and unwhole
Unable to sleep
Barely the strength
To lay down and weep
Icy tears on sunken cheeks
I wanted to take your place
I imagine you in Heaven now
Wrapped in satin and lace
I sit here and watch
Pinwheels and balloons
I imagine you sitting
Here with me too
Parked in my lap,
Kicking your feet
I miss you so much
My baby so sweet

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