Khyri Lynn Raffetto

Khyri Lynn was my baby girl.  I remember being pregnant and being afraid that her and her sister Khaily wouldnt like eachother.  They were best friends.  Inseperable.  Partners in crime.  Khyri was a beautiful baby girl with the most beautiful soul.  She had the greatest, most magical laugh, and a smile that literally took up her whole face.  She loved hugs, she loved kisses, she loved snuggles, and playing, and all the normal one year old pass times.  She completed our family.  I mean, life was great when it was just me, Jason, and Khaily, but Khyri was the final piece that made us a whole.  I can't believe  that she's gone.  I still find myself thinking that I need to go get her up from a nap, or sometimes I'll start to get her clothes ready for the day...and she's not here.  There is an emptiness in our home now that will never be filled.  Her favorite toys still scatter the playroom....I tried to clean them up, but Khaily looked at me and said, "Mommy, please don't do that to Khyri's toys...please don't put  them in a box..."  So they stayed in the playroom.

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