Your Voice

I miss you every morning
And I miss you every night
For you to go before me,
Is not okay and it's not right

I continue with the motions
I have no other choice
But its hard to hear the silence
Where I used to hear your voice

I remember how it sounded,
When you laughed and when you cried
I remember how I missed it
The first night after you died

No wake up calls at midnight
No "mama" after naps
I try to so hard to hear you,
Thinking maybe just perhaps,

If I listen for you hard enough
I'll hear you in the night
And it'll all just be a nightmare
And everything will be alright

It didn't really happen,
And you're sleeping down the hall
Everything is normal,
You were never gone at all

But every day I wake up,
I'm still here and  you're still gone
I can't see you, I can't hear you
And the motions move along.

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