Your Room

I haven't made your bed yet
There's clothes still on the floor
Today I may find strength
To open up that door
I'll go in and be quiet
As if you are asleep
And then I'll lay down on your bed
And fall apart and weep
Your tiny socks are empty
Your cuppy's still here too
The only thing that's missing
Is my perfect little you
Your blankie's on the couch now
I sleep with it at night
I dream about your little hugs
You always held so tight
I can't bring myself to clean it up
I don't want to move your stuff
If I leave it here then maybe
You will want it bad enough
To come back home and get your toys
Your blankie, and your cup
And maybe when you leave again
He'll let you take me up
Just to see where you are going,
Becuase a momma needs to know
If I knew that you are happy
It wouldn't hurt so bad you know
If I could see that you are really there
That you haven't disappeared
Then maybe I could go a day
Without so many tears

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