The Tiny Tree

Twas two weeks before Christmas
And all through the house
A heartache was looming
No laughter could douse
A tiny tree sat
In the  corner with care
Cuz Mom wasn't ready
To take it out there
To that cold little grave
Dirt still in a heap
Where so often she'd go
To ponder and weep
Her baby lay sleeping
So quiet and still
Taken to soon
And against Mommy's will
Her stocking still hung
Like the Christmas before
And Mommy still hoped
She would come through the door
This Christmas would be
Unlike any other
And so flowed the tears
Of the heartbroken mother
"She'd love all these lights,"
She thought to herself
As she thought of their plans
For the elf on the shelf
What would she wish for?
And what would she wear?
Would she want to make cookies?
Or would she not care?
Would she watch the TV shows?
Or just fall asleep?
When she got to see Santa
Would she laugh, run, or weep?
Mama's heart broke
As she thought of it all
And prayed as she let
Another tear fall
"Please, God, if you could,"
She prayed into the night
"Give my angel a kiss,
And sweet dreams tonight."

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